I received a gift of two rolls of films called Kīro(which means yellow color in Japanese) and decided to try them out with my newly bought rangefinder QL17.

Yellow became my color this year, not that I really like it, just I saw myself literally became a color of sunflower yellow instead of the human form in Amsterdam at the beginning of the year.

The color looks nice, just has a hint of a warm yellow tone. And I also learnt some interesting things about the QL17.

  • It doesn’t allow you to take a photo when the camera is on semi-auto mode when it thinks the photo is going to be over/underexposure. When a machine is trying to be smart and not smart enough, it can be a bit annoying sometimes. So it would be better to use manual mode with a light meter app or go back to good old sunny 16, which I don’t remember most of the time.
  • The focusing mode is quite different from my old SLR(I just got comfortable using F3). It can be a bit tricky when the aperture is open big since what you see is not what you shoot. QL17’s viewfinder works fine, quite bright, and relatively easy for focusing, I guess.
  • It’s a camera good for street photography, the lens is nice and sharp. However, the minimum distance from the object is 0.8m, you can’t get closer, so if you want closeup details, this is not the camera to go for.

It is a nicely built, light, compact budget rangefinder. I like it so far, but just like my other old cameras, I’ll need some more time to make friends with it.

Here are some photos from 黄色


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January 1, 2021 at 11:21 pm

Nice photos! Is it the same Canon you had before or did you get another one?

January 1, 2021 at 11:30 pm
– In reply to: blog.sahil.me

Thanks! I got another one. The other one is ql19. The light meter can’t be fixed, and also heavier.

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