A British Summer and Deep-Fried Mars Bar

I spent most of the time in Scotland this summer. I tried quite a few things I’ve never done before, including making jewelry, lumbering, eating vegetarian Haggis, and shooting my first roll of super8 with my very much amateur editing.

I’ve been thinking about why people take photos or videos, and each time I sort of have a different answer. I can think of the reasons being for aesthetics, for therapy, for documenting, or for recording. All of them make sense, but none of them is convincing, because it doesn’t make a photo different from another. We can all take the same photos of the same object at the same place, so what makes the difference? And this is what I’m thinking at the moment. Consider photos or videos are part of the extension of human senses. The feedback comes back over time. They recreate senses based on the moments and the feelings people had at the moments, that’s what makes a photo or a video clip unique. The magic of a photo, a piece of video clip, or a frame is that the recreated sensation changes over time, endlessly, tangles with each recreated feeling and creates new ones. They store memory with a certain level of accuracy within the frame and grow beyond the frames. Films as a physical medium store the images, the memories, and the sensations with a texture, films store them as if they are alive.

So I spent a lovely(seems proper? :P) summer in the UK with great company, hopping around in different cities, meeting different people, and taking different pictures, which I think I’d share in another post at some point. Back to the Mars bar, it’s been one of the foods I’ve been blabbing and wanted to try in Scotland for obvious reasons. I’m not sure whether people still eat it or it’s just a food living in the part of my head associated with Scotland. Somehow, I never tried it when I was there for a reasonably long time. Hehe, I think I subconsciously made it the MacGuffin of my summer story, I’ll keep long for it, and I’ll keep going back for it(Of course, I’ve far more important reasons for wanting to go to Scotland, but, you know, it’s the MacGuffin).

Thank you, the Man with a Movie Camera 🦋

Oh, the deep-fried Mars Bar, till next time.

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