A love letter

I’ve been living in this country(city?) for many years. Because it’s so close, it became one of “the places are always there”. I never paid much attention to look closely at this place, to explore the places I’ve not ever been, to try the food I’ve never eaten, to do the things I’ve never done here. I thought I knew this place, but I don’t. The city surprises me with many little tiny sparkles at the corners of the street, with people living here. I think I’m just too ignorant to realize that Singapore is so pretty.

Arab Street

Since working from home became a trend, I started to explore the neighborhood. There’s a place called Arab Street right next to the block I stay. As the name gives it away, it’s a very Arabian, very exotic part of Singapore.

To be continued(つづく)…

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March 14, 2021 at 5:18 am

Arab Street is one of my favourite areas in Singapore 😀

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