A tint of blue

To shoot in films is fun.

Not only because of the grains, the texture, but also about the experimenting with different films and the thrill coming with the mischievous unknown.

I’ve got this film from Taobao, and tried to shoot some film negatives of Fujifilm ETERNA 500/8573.

It is an ECN-2 process film. ECN stands for Eastman Color Negative, a processing method by Kodak for developing motion picture color negatives. Many modern motion picture film stocks have an anti-halation and anti-static coating(Remjet) so the normal C41 process can’t be used in this case. I clearly didn’t really think it through when I got the roll because not many places can process ECN-2 films.

So I shoot it in Spain and got the reply from the local lab saying “tardará más tiempo (un mes aprox) y por consecuencia el precio es más alto(30€)”(it will take longer (a month approx) and consequently the price is higher (€ 30)). I didn’t have a month in Spain at the time, so I had to wait and hope I can find somewhere in Singapore that can process ECN-2.

Luckily FilmNeverDie.Asia in Malaysia does process ECN-2.

So, here are some photos I shot with this roll. They look a bit dramatic, I think because I pushed it to ISO400 rather than the 200 on the box. It has a tint of blue and also handles the halation well in some of the photos which have very bright light sources. I quite like it, I should probably try ISO200 next time and the images should be smoother and softer.

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