The last time when I spent some winter time in China is almost four years ago. Many things are different then. I miss the time at my other home, and I miss winter, snow, the cool air circulates in your body, and the warm sunshine in freezing cold weather.

I visited Beijing a couple of times. Some of them in summer, some in winter. Summer is hot and dusty, winter could be nice when it’s not very windy. I used to not like Beijing, because of the weather, the crowd, the horrible traffic, but the more time I spent there, the more I like it. It has its ancient and elegant side, and it also has a modern and shiny side sometimes with colorful tacky flares. You can see a modern mall not far away from a Bell Tower built hundreds of years ago. It’s a place you need to spend time to soak yourself in to feel the culture, the history, the people. It’s challenging to build a life there(especially if you are a foreigner), but it’s a gem(it’s funny I used to not like the city, but I think I like it now as a passerby).

So last time, after dropping by Beijing for just a couple of days, I went further up north to Harbin. It’s one of the coldest places in China. It’s my hometown, but I have left for so many years. It’s a lovely smaller city comparing to Beijing with dramatically different four seasons, which I miss a lot. I remember and breezes(sometimes, sandy wind ><) in spring; hot but dry summer, it gets very cool in the evening though; crisp autumn with falling leaves; freezing cold winter but with warm and cozy home. Every winter there is a snow and ice festival. People get ice blocks from the river and make beautiful sculptures using them. The avenue is usually huge, and it’s truly a winter wonderland. It’s like a small town with everything built with snow and ice. A hot drink will be the best company there(and you need to drink it fast, otherwise it will drop cold and freeze).

On the last day of the year, it couldn’t be a more proper time to look at old photographs and reminisce (briefly). I hope next year could be better, and I hope everyone can have a happy new year.