A carnival for everyone – a thought about Sense8

I’ve just watched Sense8, and wanted to write a brief thought about it.
As indicating from the beginning of every episode, “no matter where you are from, human being are all connected”.
In the show, among the clusters, there are people from all different places, India, US, Iceland, etc. and people of different sexualities, gays, lesbians, transgender. And that is the world where there is no boundaries, no bias, people are not force to behave in a certain way that social norms define.
I love the idea how it shows there are so many possibilities about life, about how you can live, about how you can love and how beautiful they are.

Just a little faith and respect, no matter which country you are from, no matter what gender you have, no matter what society is expecting you to be, love is all it’s about.

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