A small experiment about those dudes sitting at “the back”

I’m a traveller, at least I like travelling.
When I’m going somewhere, one thing I have to think about is transportation – how to reach there. It could be by flight, by train, by bus, bar car, on foot etc. I’m not much of a hiker, so for me most of the time, there will be a tiny place at the back of the seat in front of mine to keep some stuff. It could be a small foldable table, a net holder or something similar to those things, or even a bag for just holding advertisement. Of course, there are cases, nothing is there, just plain seat back.
I got a plenty of time on the way, when I stare at the handy little space with some random stuff I keep there, I have this strange feeling that whatever things I keep, they are part of the trip, and keep me companied. I decide to start this small experiment photo project to take portraits of my back-of-front-seat companies.

(to be continued)

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