Segments and Points – Merry Christmas

I went to London at the beginning of December last year for work, and after that I decided to stay there for a couple of days to enjoy the winter time(since there is literarily no winter in the country I stay).
I went there by myself, and met some friends who work there.

Merry Christmas

J moved to Cambridge three years ago. This is the first time I went to the UK and visit him. He’s one of my best friends in Singapore, if I may say. I took a day trip to Cambridge, it’s a quiet and beautiful place. He showed me around, we were just walking, talking and drinking coffee for the whole day. For the first time, I tried fish and chips, I won’t say it’s one of my favourite food. I like the view at the restaurant, though. We had a beer and cigarettes at the deck on the river, just like what we use to do. We met L later for dinner, he’s the same, too smart to not complain about many things. It was nice to see them again, They saw me off at the station back to London, we hugged and said goodbye.

On the weekend, he visits me again in London. We are just roaming around the city without any planning.
We I thought going to Covent Garden will be nice, so after eating a nice pizza, we headed there. The reason I want to go there is because I was playing Assassin’s Creed. This is how it looks like in the game and reality below. It was two weeks before Christmas, the whole city is the whole town are permeated with festival atmosphere. There are singers performing at the square. Everyone and everything looks so cheerful.

We went to the Foyles book store after that, I got myself Understanding a Photograph. Well, I think I’ll take it as a gift to myself for Christmas.

There is a sweet surprise in the evening. We went to Hyde Park and realized that the Winter Wonderland is going on. The dazzling neons lit up the sky, people wander around the playground, holding Churros, mulled wine and all kinds of warm, sweet, festive food, happily spending time with their family and friends.

Some friendship is like that. You met each other and appreciate each other’s personalities. After some time, you become friends and hang out. The memory continues building up, add there is always a point that breaks the continuity and then shared memories between you will continue as very small segments. It may be shorter and shorter, and at some day, it will become points, and those dots will always exist, connecting the non-stopping time and space together to form a invisible line. 

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