Narcissistic croissant 

I’ve been a bit old fashioned , though I’m a young person (well, sort of). So I always have a strong bias about the platform to edit photo. I don’t like snap a photo and adding a filter and, just post it on Instagram, BOOM, it’s done. To me it’s like eating instant frozen pizza, it may look not bad, just the joy is simply compromised. I never really took phone photography seriously. But like I said it could just be bias.

I decided to give it a shot during lunch today.(The reason is simply my lunch today looks adorable and I’m having it alone, I’m having a bit more time than usual recently in a way or the other)

So I took the first one below

 img_9118 img_9119


I did some edit with LR on phone, it becomes like the second one. The used PS on phone to brush away the extra spots here and there.

I’d say, not bad at all(surely on my phone, it looks different and better, but you get the idea)

I’m quite amazed what a phone photo editor is capable of. I’d glad to say at least features on LR and PS meet my expectation to edit phone photos relatively seriously. I can imagine myself have fun with my iPhone7 plus when the next OS is ready. 🙂

Bon Appétit!

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