Review of episode 16 season 6 of Modern Family

At the very beginning of the episode, for a moment, I thought it’s My Mac’s operation.

By merging the smart devices with filming, this episode gave us a new interpretation of how a film could be made. One new medium of the indirect interaction between characters through operations on device interfaces is surprising established and surprising presents a brilliant show. For the whole episode, it’s not the directly shooting of any living things, the whole narrative is presented just through Clair’s desktop, it’s simple, smart and nerdily sweet.

Some interesting examples here of using virtual props(well, desktop, camera, software, hardware, etc).

– Jay has trouble with his phone’s front/back cameras. His thumb is covering the front camera when using FaceTime, through the real camera, what the audience can see is just a rectangular of blur. When the blur is reviled, it’s Jay’s face.It shows characteristic, and funny in a geeky way.

– When Clair’s FaceTiming with Alex, Phil is coming over, and she minimized all the open app window down to the dock.

– When Gloria said she’s done with Luke’s haircut. The reaction from Clair is not presented to the audience by shooting any physical part of Clair, nothing. What we can see is just a cursor is moving to Reminder, and “tick”, one task is done!

I love this episode, it brings in a lot of new ideas about editing, about cinematography, and narratives.(I wish I could have more time to finish with more discussions here, shame -.-)

I Well, last words (in this draft), you do need to be a MAC user. 😛

Here is the trailer

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